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Emil Pollmann Academy

St. George's | Soccer Daycamp

1 Day | Villeforst Sportpark | 08:30 - 16:00

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Summer Camp

In the holiday camps organized by the EP Academy, we attach great importance to teaching the players not only football skills, but also values, behavior and team spirit.

The camps at my academy are led by selected, licensed trainers who have been trained by me. When making this selection, in addition to a trainer license and personal commitment, I also make sure that the trainers also have experience in the respective age groups.

Supervision: maximum 1:12

What you get:

- Days of intense training

- Two training sessions per day 

- modern, effective training methods

- Competitions and tournaments

- Colorful supporting program

- Food & drinks

- incl. EP Academy Waterbottle

The Daily Schedule:

  • Reception of children from: 8.30 a.m

    Here the children are welcomed by our trainers and have the opportunity to play freely under supervision.

  • Start of training: 10.00 a.m

    Our first training session begins at 10:00 a.m. Before the start of the actual training, there will be a short welcome every day, in which the players will be told what to expect that day and what the training focus is on the program. During the morning session, care is taken to ensure that the training intensity is as high as possible. At the end of each unit, the groups go into different game forms.

  • Lunch break: 12 p.m

    During the lunch break, in addition to a balanced and child-friendly meal, care is taken to ensure that the children get enough rest so that they can train with full commitment again in the afternoon. We offer various break games to give the children something useful to keep them busy.

  • Second training session: from 1.30 p.m

    In our second training session, we start every day with getting used to the ball and then we go into a small repetition from earlier this Morning, before we then continue the training with different types of games and tournaments.

  • Completion: 3:30 p.m

    At the end of the intensive
    training day, all the children come together with the trainers in a large group to look back on the day together. There is space for questions, clarifications and comments so that the players can start the next day freely and unencumbered. As a special experience, the "players of the day" are then nominated and recognized accordingly before everyone is said goodbye.

  • Pick-up phase: 3.40 p.m. - 4.00 p.m

    During this time, the children will be checked out by our camp director and are ready to be picked up.

  • Who is the camp for?

    - For boys and girls aged from 5-14 years

    - Club player

    - Beginners and newcomers

    - Recreational players

  • What do we offer?

    - age-appropriate and clear structured groups

     - Supervision key maximum 1:12

     - two training sessions per day

     - Lunch and drinks

     - Having fun and enjoying football

     - Child care services

  • Training:

    - Technique training in small groups

     - Daily changing training priorities

     - Game Forms

     - Tournaments

     - Performance-oriented focus training

     - Separate goalkeeper training

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